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4 Benefits of L-Lysine for Hair Growth

Debate about L-lysine remains ever rife in the industry for its effects in helping with hair growth.

Over the years, we’ve deduced that lysine amino acid has a significant role in boosting our hair growth, but a majority have yet to acknowledge about it.

What makes l-lysine such a big deal to be known as a vital amino acid that you need for your hair growth? Is it a thing that is more beneficial as compared to lysine hair loss? Fear no more as we will answer all of your question regarding lysine benefits in this article, and how to avoid hair loss with l-lysine. Here are the reasons why this amino acid works and why you should supplement it in your diet.

Iron And Lysine To Promote Better Hair Growth

Research has shown that women who experienced hair loss is because a lack of iron deficiency and for a lot of them, they probably have included iron in their diet but their intestine or body function finds it hard to be absorbed into the bloodstream. L-lysine does not only help your body to absorb the iron better from your diet intake, but also nourish your hair scalp and encourage for a better hair growth.
A research that was conducted by the National Center for Biotechnology Information confirmed about this connection and mentions that:
“l-lysine plays an essential role in hair loss as a significant contributor. This can be explained through the findings of double-blind data that established the results of a public survey among women with excessive hair shedding. In the study, there was a large sector that responded well to iron and l-lysine therapy.”

Iron insufficiency have a long linkage to hair loss, and this remains why l-lysine hair growth is enticing – as a better absorption of iron leads to healthier, better hair.


Furthermore, one of the important key of taking l-lysine is because it has the ability to stop the effects of DHT which is known as dihydrotestosterone hormone and it is extremely detrimental to hair growth. It is also known as the main reason for male who face baldness kind of pattern. Although this hormone may be known common to men but women can be affected by it too.

L-lysine is known to produce the essential DHT blockers within your body to make it more effective. As your body gains the ability to tackle more DHT, the better your chances at preventing hair loss.

Stemming The Effects Of Hair Loss With Collagen
Besides that, L-lysine can help the body to form collagen as it’s a vital protein for our hair. Similar to keratin, collagen provides our hair elasticity and shape. A decrease in collagen can be detrimental to both sexes who have begin to experience the effects of hair loss as it creates brittle hair that’s easy to shed.

L-lysine does not produce collagen by itself but it assists your body to create and also absorb the calcium, a nutrient that is required for collagen production.

Calcium Remains Ever Vital

Like we’ve mentioned earlier, calcium remains a key component for collagen construction. Whenever your body faces calcium deficiency, your hair would become dehydrated and fragile. 75% of the people are reported to be calcium deficient, emphasizing that their hair’s health is suffering.

The body acknowledges hair to be a non-essential and even though you are encountering deficiency for your hair health but your body will place an importance of getting sufficient nutrients to other areas of your body instead. And from this, your teeth and bones will get that beneficial calcium that it doesn’t need anymore. And that’s why it is important to acknowledge about what is a calcium deficiency and what kinds of pros and cons it brings!

The dosage of calcium that you need will change over time and as you grow older, your hair would naturally start to be thinner, and therefore, a better absorption of calcium can help to prevent your hair from shedding. If you’re addicted to drinking coffee, it is best for you to be aware of this fact as caffeine works at blocking out calcium.


Hair loss can be prevented if you add l-lysine to your dietary regime but some might wonder the question if whether lysine can create hair loss instead?

There are several studies that have suggested that if you consume too much of l-lysine, it may lead to an increase of cholesterol level and cancel out its decisive effects. Rather than having full locks of healthy hair, you might get hair that is dry, breakable and slow in growing. If you consume over an amount of l-lysine in your diet, you might face a few side effect like nausea, abdominal pain and diarrhea.

A majority would get their recommended dietary allowance (RDA) of l-lysine about 1-1.5 grams each day by ingesting foods like pork, cheese, poultry, nuts, cheese, beans, soybeans and legumes. In order to have enough of amino acid to provide a resurrection from dead hair ends, to alive, bouncy, and younger looking hair, you need to maintain a balanced diet to do so. If you despise any of the food that were mentioned, l-lysine supplements is always here to solve your problem. But before you begin with lysine supplements, you should consult your doctor about the safe options and whether it’s harmful for your diet.

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