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Benefits of L-Cysteine That You Should Know

Want thicker hair growth? L-cysteine could be your best bet yet. Garnering much acclaim and awareness in the hair loss field, L-cysteine holds an essential ingredient that remains ever vital in unlocking thicker hair. Behind the likes of amino acids such as L-cysteine and similar substances such as L-methionine and cysteine, they are showing up increasingly in hair supplements and hair care solutions.

Itching to get started? Get all the answers you need on L-cysteine for hair growth and its benefits now.

What Can L-Cysteine Do For You
For the uninitiated, L-cysteine is a limiting essential amino acid that is at the center for protein and its building blocks. The term conditionally essential is derived from the action of our bodies in making small amounts of amino acid that happens only in fit people under the right circumstances.

Reap The Advantages Of L-Cysteine For Your Hair
A major component of keratin, L-cysteine amino acid works in strengthening your hair structure and in protecting it from unwanted breakage. Often found in the make-up of nails, hair and skin, keratin is a fibrous protein that’s similar to L-cysteine.

Hair is made out of three components that consists of the cortex, the medulla and the cuticle. The cortex, the most distinguishable layer of hair strand makes up about 80% of hair structure. Comprising of keratin molecules that are grouped together to form a fibrous anatomy, the cortex contains approximately 75% L-cysteine, lending hair its solidity.

L-cysteine is also a selected few amino acids that produces disulfide bonds to help hair lock in moisture and also keep keratin together.

To surmise, L-cysteine remains ever crucial in assisting the body when it comes to assimilating particular nutrients, that include biotin, an essential nutrient to help spur hair growth.

L-Cysteine And Its Link To Scientific Research
A study that was performed in Germany on 2000 discovered that through combining a pantothenic acid, millet seed extract and L-cysteine, it helped women to improve hair growth with diffuse hair loss. In just 3 months, the women involved reaped the benefits of having an improved amount of new hair strands as compared to those who were provided with a placebo.

While an additional 2015 study that investigated the effects of aquatic protein-based supplements of telogen effluvium hair loss underlined the importance of L-cysteine as a vital element of this category of protein.

Go With Foods That Are Rich In L-Cysteine
Under optimum health circumstances, your body can produce L-cysteine from the amino acid L-methionine, which is a vital acid that’s required to obtain from food. Edibles such as beef, sunflower seeds, soybeans, cheese, lamb, chickpeas and oats all contain high amounts of L-cysteine.

What Is The Recommended L-Cysteine Amount To Consume?
Here’s where things get a little technical. The right daily dosage for adults of L-methionine when supplemented with L-cysteine is 14mg. per kg. of body weight per day (about 6 mg. / lb. of body weight each day). Although other sources place the recommended dosage of L-cysteine at around 200-500 mg. for hair growth each day.

Those with metabolic ailments among babies and elderly people may be incapable of producing L-cysteine on their own and may need the help of oral supplements.

Healthy adults who just want to increase your intake can keep their L-cysteine levels in check by taking hair supplements that contain L-cysteine or eating food that contain high traces of protein as essential nutrients for a healthy diet.

L-Cysteine Topical Applications For Hair Care Is Your Best Bet You can supplement your L-cysteine needs through styling products and hair care products such as shampoos and hair oils. Topical L-cysteine in these products help to maintain the disulfide bond and keratin component of your hair. Through the aid of Cysteine hair products, you can maintain moisture levels, hair strength and its elasticity for durable hair with fewer prominent breakage.

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