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Does Conditioner Make Your Hair Grow Faster: Myth or Truth

Myth or Truth: Conditioners Makes Your Hair Grow Faster
People are always finding tips online in hope that they will discover the ‘thing’ that will make their hair grow faster. If you’re one of them, then I bet you’re very familiar with articles like “10 Steps For Fast Hair Growth” or “5 Foods That Boost Hair Growth”. It comes as to no surprise that people are changing their diets and taking hair growth supplements in the hopes of getting faster, better results.

Although these methods help, but have you ever thought that the one toiletry that is close by to you is actually the key. I bet you’ve been using it so often that it is out of your radar.

The answer is – your conditioner.

There’s no doubt that many are well informed on the importance of a good conditioner to hair health, but will it cause your hair to grow faster?

Allow us to share some insights.

How Conditioner Makes Your Hair to Grow Faster
Our bodies are well oiled systems; when everything works together, naturally our body gets healthier. The same applies to hair growth. It’s impossible to focus on just one aspect of the body and hope for everything to work. So, getting sufficient nutrients and vitamins, drinking lots of water and maintaining a healthy scalp is very important. In terms of hair, keeping your scalp clean and your hair moisturized can truly make all the difference.

Use essential oils and shampoos to keep the scalp clean as conditioners moisturize hair follicles to boost hair growth. On the contrary, dry hair is caused by an unhealthy environment that hinders the growth of hair.

Conditioners play an important role as it restores proteins back into hair shafts. It helps prevent damage and seal the cuticle to grow as much as possible without breakage.

So yes, conditioners do help your hair grow faster.

Ways to make using conditioner more effective
Here are a few tips to keep in mind.

1) Apply conditioner when your hair is still wet
Make it a habit to condition your hair whenever you take a shower. Conditioning your hair strands before washing protects your hair in the long run. This is especially important if you’re an active person who loves the sun, salt and chlorine, because these conditions can dry and damage your hair very quickly. So, for the sake of your hair, don’t miss out on this important step.

2) Read the Label
Check the product label to know if your conditioner is making your hair grow faster. If possible, make sure that it is water-based and contains natural ingredients. It would be even better if it includes growth vitamins such as Zinc and Biotin. By keeping your hair care products and diet as natural as possible, makes all the difference to your hair health.

3) Let it Set
There will be times when your hair is extra dry. This is a sign where you should set out a time to pamper your hair for a bit. Apply the conditioner and let it sit in for at least 15 to 30 minutes. This will moisturize your hair and makes it grow better. Allow the conditioner to soak into hair follicles, allowing it to obtain the protein it needs. Although this might not make it grow faster immediately, but your hair will thank you for it.

Conditioner and Hair Growth
In conclusion, conditioners does help your hair to grow faster, by keeping it healthy. A decent conditioner provides protein and protects your hair from damage. Again, always look at the label to find out which shampoo and conditioner suits. Try to avoid conditioners with ingredients that you could not pronounce or understand. Should you find a conditioner that suits you, stay with it! Good thing takes time so be consistent in your hair care and you’ll see results very soon.

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