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4 Surprising Drugstore Staples You Need Now, According to U.S Vogue

New year, new beauty haul. This time of year, awards show red carpets and enthusiastic beauty bloggers have us inspired to buy up the latest and greatest products from beauty retailers. But before you shell out for the latest miracle moisturizer or makeup trend, try a trip to your local drugstore instead. NYC-based plastic surgeon Dr. Jennifer Levine tells the four drugstore essentials in the United States that you need in your medicine cabinet in order to boost your beauty game this year.

Nourishing Hair Vitamins

Dr. Levine recommends hair supplements to all her patients because, she says, “Everyone looks better with fuller, shinier hair. There are so many factors that contribute to thinning.” Viviscal PRO hair supplement is a perennial model favorite for thick, healthy hair that can stand up to no-nonsense styling tactics (think damaging hair color, heat tools, and tight ponytails or braids). Bonus: in cold winter months, Viviscal PRO is even more essential to reduce hair shedding and make dry, brittle hair feel stronger. Take two pills a day to see gorgeous hair growth results in six months (although many women see results after as little as three months).

Moisturizing Dry Oil

Dr. Levine recommends keeping an allover dry oil on-hand for a number of uses. She likes Mederma Quick Dry Oil, which has almond, rose hip and sunflower oils to help reduce swelling and skin inflammation while diminishing the look of scars and stretch marks. Manicure bonus: the dry oil even helps nail polish to dry faster.

Surprising Beauty Hack #1: Afrin Severe Congestion Nasal Spray

This is probably the most surprising item on this list. The over-the-counter nasal spray you’d normally use for decongestion and sinus pressure can actually help calm skin and minimize redness when applied topically. It’s even a good quick fix for wind-burned cheeks or over-picked pimples.

Surprising Beauty Hack #2: 2nd Skin for Depuffing Eyes

Dr. Levine loves the cooling patch gel as an unexpected beauty tool. “I always keep a jar of 2nd Skin in my fridge,” she says. “They’re great for healing cuts and scrapes, but even better for de-puffing the eye area in a pinch.” The gel squares provides skin with instant hydration and minimizes fine lines in a few minutes. Use the squares as a pre-makeup serum to moisturize and minimize flaking under foundation.

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