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Does Biotin Help Hair Growth – The Only Answer You Need

Taken a leap of faith; do you have any regrets about your pixie cut or any other embarrassing haircuts? An essential nutrient for hair growth supplements; the use of biotin remains ever popular in the market. Known for its unique properties in promoting hair growth, allow us to break down all the benefits that this miracle supplement provides.

Comprising of Vitamin B7, Biotin has become the latest beauty product to be endorsed by industry players and beauty bloggers that have praised the new herb for its effectiveness in promoting hair growth. Garnered from pristine Amazonian wild flowers, it truly is as safe as it is useful.

Foster Increased Hair Growth


Whether it’s Biotin, Vitamin B7 or H, Biotin is a vitamin that can be found in a variety of products such as nuts and eggs. Used in hair growth supplements, it works by nourishing thinning hair and in promoting hair growth from within. Signs of Biotin deficiency is often distinguished by hair discolouration and in the thinning of hair. It would be beneficial to have a diet that has Biotin in abundance or hair growth aids that are packed with Vitamin B as they can help in fostering hair growth.

Biotin also assists with the overall well-being of nails and hair, ensuring that they remain in tip top condition, free from appearing dull and brittle. Having said that, Biotin works best when taken with additional nutrients for hair growth as they help foster healthier, thicker hair that’s in conjunction with your hair’s natural growth cycle. For added convenience, there’s also a variety of Biotin shampoo that are available to help you increase the fullness and thickness of your hair.

What’s The Right Dosage Of Biotin To Unlock Fuller Hair


Similar to other health supplements; do consult with your doctor before you embark on any vitamin intake. It’s best to take at least 240 mcg of Biotin for daily hair growth with additional supplements as it can help foster hair follicles and encourage the development of existing hair.

It’s imperative to take note of the side effects that comes with taking oral Biotin supplements. Do seek the expertise of your doctor when it comes to taking Biotin in recommended dosages (during the initial stage); even more so if you’re breastfeeding or pregnant.

There are some personal accounts whereby the use of Biotin has caused an outbreak of cystic acne during the initial weeks of usage. Even so, this acne gradually fades away as it gets used to the bonus nutrition that the supplement provides.

To surmise; there is conclusive anecdotal proof with enough scientific backing for the effectiveness of Biotin to encourage hair growth. Biotin remains ever essential in promoting hair growth as it comprises of Zinc, Iron and VItamin C that play an integral role. Should you have doubts about your diet not providing the nutrients you need; consider going with a drug-free, clinically backed hair growth supplement such as Viviscal Extra Strength. Discover the ingredients in Viviscal Professional hair growth supplements!

The Myths And Truths Of Biotin & Hair Growth

Dosage of biotin for hair growth

Myth: Biotin Is Enough To Be Taken Alone For Hair Growth

Although Biotin is known for strengthening hair, taking it alone just simply isn’t enough as we need more essential nutrients. The fact remains is that Biotin plays a more important role than it seems. This miracle nutrient not only improves your overall nutrition, it also ensures that your hair follicles is provided with all the minerals and vitamins it needs to encourage hair growth.

Truth: Hair Production Is Aided By Biotin

How can Biotin help with hair growth? As hair is comprised of keratin, it’s essentially a type of protein. Made from amino acids, protein is formed through the reaction of enzymes and Biotin. For the uninitiated, healthy hair and nails are formed through the production of Biotin in your body, which makes this nutrient all the more important.

Myth: Products That Are Comprised Of Biotin Are A Hazard

Although some articles have brought the negative effects of Biotin to light, highlighting potential overdose as a cause for concern, not everything is what it seems to be. Allow us to sift through the rumors – as with any health supplement; taking them in high dosages is bound to cause an untoward reaction. But rest easy as most Biotin products come in safe dosages and work best in supplementing your diet rather than hindering it. Viviscal’s Extra Strength contains the recommended amount of 80% Biotin; just the right dose for your hair growth needs.

Truth: You Can Supplement Your Biotin Needs Through Food

Can you supplement your daily allowance of biotin through a balanced diet? Take delight in knowing that foods such as almonds, eggs, avocados and salmon all contain Biotin, in varying quantities. Often times, many of us fall short of getting the recommended amount for our daily needs. This makes it all the more essential to getting the right dieting plan.

For best results to restoring your hair; it’s best to know more about the nutrients that you need and to take a holistic view at the broader picture. Did you know that your diet could be hindering your hair growth? Take a step back to rethink, read our comprehensive article on the essential vitamins you should be consuming to unlock healthier, fuller hair now.

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