Hair growth need not be a headache. There are super-simple tips for growing hair, which can yield great results without having to make huge changes to your lifestyle or even your daily regimen. If it is your mission to grow hair locks that rival Rapunzel’s, or even just to spruce up your existing thatch of lackluster lankness, our tips for growing out short hair or volumizing long hair fit the bill!


In this article, our team of hair experts put their heads together, and after much debate, we agreed upon our “top 5 things you want to know for growing out hair”. One popular remedy we chose to omit: egg hair masks. In our own experiences these are often messy and impractical. We believe that there are more elegant solutions to revitalize your hair follicles than waking up in a warm puddle of raw omelette.

So let’s get started. Here are our top tips for growing out your hair:


    1. Style your hair with care
      It’s not the 90’s anymore and the Spice Girls are all married off living in mansions in the countryside. What I’m saying is that there’s no need to be aggressively winching your hair into a ponytail, resulting in a hairstyle induced facelift.Wearing a style like this one every day can be damaging to your hair. When you tie a tight ponytail or bun in the same place, your hair might suffer acute breakage in a single area. The natural look is in, so embrace it. Letting your locks hang freely will allow them to retain a volumizing natural bounce, without strangling the life out of them.
    2. Nutritional choices can accelerate the hair growth cycle
      You are what you eat. This age-old mantra is certainly applicable to creating a perfect environment for healthy hair growth. Your hair requires important minerals, vitamins and other nutrients to fuel the cycle of hair growth and repair. Many authors propose that the consumption of various foods make hair growth faster. These claims are of course rooted in scientific fact, but what is really important is the specific nutrients contained in these culinary delicacies. For some, designing the perfect hair growth diet can be challenging. Most of us have spouses, children or parents to consider. Not everyone wants to start the day with a spinach and hemp seed smoothie.Luckily there are other options available. Viviscal Extra Strength provides an all-in-one solution to supplement your diet with a range of nutrients designed to nourish hair from within.
    3. Keep yourself looking clean cut with a trip to the salon
      Growing out your hair does not mean that you are not allowed to take a trip to the hair salon for the occasional trim. But does cutting your hair make it grow faster? Unfortunately, a haircut is not an effective way to accelerate growth. However, getting rid of split ends does help to reduce hair breakage, allowing hair to grow. This can keep hair looking healthier, shinier and even thicker.
    4. Use a gentler shampoo
      New wisdom is emerging in the hair care field, which focusses on the controversial topic of shampoo. You may have been recommended to stay away from shampoo in the past. However, new research has shown that using a gentle shampoo paired with a moisturizing conditioner need not pose a threat to your hair’s health. I always recommend a specialized gentle shampoo, which is free from SLS and SLES, for regular use.
    5. Avoid the post-shower towel wrap
      Wrapping your hair up in a big rough towel after getting out of the shower can cause a huge amount of unnecessary breakage. Dry your hair gently with a very soft towel or even an old (but clean) cotton t-shirt. This will reduce the amount of hair that gets tangled in the rough woven surface of most towels and will reduce hair breakage.


There you have it! Five simple ways to help in growing out your hair.

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