Men, at the first signs of a receding hairline, take action to add thickness and fullness to thinning hair. For how to thicken men’s hair, try these styling tips for men, plus topical thickening products, serum, conditioner, shampoos and hair fibersto thicken hair.


How to Thicken Men’s Hair

When searching for how to get thicker hair for men, there are topical hair regrowth drugs and sticky styling gel. But if you want a 100% drug free solution to help prevent hair loss and promote hair growth, turn to a hair growth supplement instead. A good clinically researched hair growth supplement for men will nourish thinning hair with vitamins and minerals. If you want a drug free solution that works in concert with your natural hair growth cycle, it is one of the best hair thickening treatments for men. While you wait a few months for hair growth vitamin supplements to take effect, reach for a hair thickening serum for men,shampoos, and hair fibers to thicken hair. Choose a hair thickening serumthat is99% derived from natural sources, maintains a healthy scalp and promotes thicker looking hair. Complement your thickening serum with a moisturizing conditioner and gentle shampoo that work together to help create the ideal environment for healthy hair growth. For instant thickness and volume, turn to a microscopic hair filler fibers product for men. Good hair filler fibers easily tap on in seconds and look natural. (Hint: women can use hair fibers too to cover thinning hair and add instant thickness.)


How to Style Men’s Thin Hair

We’ve come a long way from the comb over. Styling men’s thin hair is easy with a few key men’s grooming tips. If you embrace the blow-dryer, natural-looking volume can be yours. For thick-looking hair from hairline to crown, use a very light gel sparingly and blow-dry with a round brush. If you’re not a fan of the blow-dryer, try simply cutting hair shorter and letting it air dry naturally to encourage your hair’s maximum wave and volume. Shorter hair actually looks thicker than long hair. Not-too-short hair that is cut slightly closer to the scalp, can help cover bald spots better than longer hair that separates, revealing bald scalps. Be sure to condition your hair well too because moisturized hair holds its wave and volume better. A leave-in conditioner can also help add texture and light hold to the waves in your hair. A little styling gel, styling cream ortexturizing pomade help add texture to thinner hair in a natural look. But beware the ’90s boy band look. Too much gel clumps hair together, exposing more bald scalp.

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