How to Speed Up Hair Growth Now

You can speed up hair growth. The average hair growth rate is surprisingly slow: a half millimeter per day, a half inch per month and 6 inches per year. Yet, there are actions you can take to accelerate your hair growth rate. Here, we share how to speed up hair growth and take action to promote thick, […]

Natural Hair Growth and Hair Vitamins

Neli has thick, natural hair but lately she has noticed it thinning. No matter how many protective hairstyles you try, natural hair – especially if you’ve been braiding, heat-styling or relaxants for years – can experience hair loss. So Neli joined Viviscal’s Voice of the Solution to take a 6-month trial of Viviscal supplements for […]

Hair Loss Vitamins for Wedding Planning Stress

Though Kristi says she can hardly remember liking the way her hair looked, she started noticing a lot more hair loss and hair shedding as she was planning her wedding. She decided to try Viviscal women’s hair vitamins for 6 months as part of Viviscal’s Voice of the Solution program. In her initial interview with […]

Over-styling and Thinning Hair issues

Erika is a professional model who damaged her hair with a career built on daily over-styling and heat-styling. She joined Viviscal’s Voice of the Solution program to give Viviscal hair vitamins a try for 6 months. In her initial interview, she explains why she tried a vitamin for hair growth: Viviscal: When your hair looks […]