How to Prevent Hair Loss for Women

Women’s hair loss is A subject rarely discussed among the glitz and glamour of our celebrity obsessed media. However, if you find yourself feeling distressed and alone as your hair loses its natural lusciousness, then there are a few words of wisdom that will help you answer the question of how to prevent hair loss […]

How to Thicken Hair Naturally

With runway and celebrity trends toward undone ’60s volume, wind-swept waves and long, Rapunzel-like tresses, you may be frantically searching for a quick fix to give your locks much-needed length and va-va-voom. But hair EXTENSIONS can be expensive and can cause more damage, making your hair look worse than before. Meaning you would need the extensions even […]

5 Easy Ways to Get More Hair Volume

In winter, our hair often falls flat and limp. We face hair dryness, flyaways and hair shedding. But there are easy and natural ways to get volume for fine hair or dry, damaged hair, including volumizing products, how to style hair for more volume and other styling tips to get volume in hair. 2 Must-Have […]

4 Top Tips to Speed Up Hair Growth

How to speed up hair growth? There are a lot of theories out there. But very few can prove to actually accelerate the pace at which your tresses will grow (which is, on average, about a 1/2-inch per month). What you can do to maximize your hair growth and get healthier looking hair is all about […]

Scalp Massages for Hair Growth

If you’re looking for a home treatment to help invigorate the scalp, consider scalp massages for hair growth. A healthy, invigorated scalp is an important part of healthier looking hair and provides the ideal environment for hair growth. To PROMOTE existing hair growth and reduce shedding, you should take a clinically proven hair growth supplement with a […]