Houston TV News Show Asks If Viviscal Really Works

Viviscal was proud to recently be featured in a segment on Channel 2 KPRC, Houston’s number one television station. KPRC reporter Lauren Freeman interviewed both doctors and hair stylists to learn more about the benefits of Viviscal and to find out if this amazing product really lives up to its hype. “Anything for hair loss […]

Hair Loss Is Often Associated With Aging

Hair serves the function of protecting the head and keeping the body temperature even. But when people face hair loss, it is primarily their appearance that is of concern. Hair is one of the first features people notice, and it is certainly a focus of good grooming. Because of the importance people place on hair, […]

Have Fun with Your Hair This Summer

Sunscreen is important. This does not only apply to your face, body and overall skin, but also for your hair as well. Too often we forget about our hair until it is so dry, frizzy and unruly that we cannot do a thing with it. Sure, there are plenty of oil treatments and conditioners, but […]

Social Media Influence on Hair Styles and Fashion

Social media have become very influential in the world of fashion, makeup, hairstyling and trendsetting. Fashion-forward people chat with their friends and peers before changing their hair styles, buying new wardrobes or pursuing cosmetic strategies to change their appearances. Boutiques, hairstylists and clothing designers check Facebook and Twitter before introducing new clothing lines and customer […]

Figure-Eight Braids and Other Tips to Disguise Thinning Hair

Thinning hair develops in some people as they grow older and others at earlier ages, but personal appearance, healthy hair and social confidence are always important. You need not be embarrassed by thinning hair because you can choose from several strategies to ameliorate hair loss and enhance your personal appearance. Some people employ multiple methods […]

Hot spring 2013 hair styles for men

Men’s hair styles change less frequently than women’s styles because classic cuts and superior styling create put-together looks that resist the pressures of transitory trends. Frankly, men embrace change more slowly and stick with conservative looks that work for them. You can always look fashionable by getting frequent precision cuts, grooming carefully and taking care […]

Romantic Wedding Hair

Love is in the air as bridal season is in full swing. Spring/summer bridal hair is romantic, elegant and understated. Brides have every reason to ensure every strand is in place for their special day. This season, however, they are opting for more unfinished, natural, unfussy styles. Inspiration is all around, from the ballet to […]

Three DIY Runway Hair Trends

Simplicity ruled the runway during New York Fashion Week and beyond as collections are still being shown all over the world. Designers opted for simple and easy to achieve hair and makeup choices to accent their collections. More often than not, runway hair and makeup trends are fun to see on models, but were difficult […]

In-Style Hair for Spring 2013

New York Fashion Week brings together the latest fashion styles, makeup trends and hairstyles for spring in a celebrity-inspired event that captures the world’s attention. This year, the latest spring hairstyles followed a common theme of unconventional style, disheveled volume and knotted dos that borrowed accessories from gardens, sports activities and bizarre headgear, such as […]