How Marine Protein Promotes Hair Growth

Protein promotes hair growth by helping the body to produce keratin, which is key to the formation of hair. Without keratin, hair growth slows and hair strands are weakened. Because protein is important for strong, healthy hair, it is essential to get key amino acids (the building blocks of protein) in your diet, either through food […]

Ultimate Guide: Best Hair Growth Vitamins

Find out the best hair growth vitamins for hair thickness and fullness. Hair loss treatments and hair growth medications make dramatic hair growth claims. But to nourish hair follicles from within through your natural hair growth cycle, take drug free hair growth supplements with a blend of essential vitamins, minerals and other nutrients for healthy hair growth. Here […]

Top 3 Natural Home Remedies for Hair Growth

Natural home remedies for hair growth are often touted as an alternative to hair loss drugs and chemicals. Do keep in mind that many of these remedies are not scientifically proven, like FDA-approved medications or regulated and clinically proven dietary supplements. Your hair growth results with these home remedies may be inconsistent. We compare 3 of the […]

Best Hair Growth Vitamin for Fuller Hair

In a sea of expert opinions on the best hair growth vitamins and vitamins for hair loss, professionals may differ on the best hair growth vitamin for fuller hair. For every fan of Biotin, there are proponents for the hair growth properties of marine proteins, Iron, Zinc, Flax Seed, Horsetail Extract and more. So what […]

How to Speed Up Hair Growth Now

You can speed up hair growth. The average hair growth rate is surprisingly slow: a half millimeter per day, a half inch per month and 6 inches per year. Yet, there are actions you can take to accelerate your hair growth rate. Here, we share how to speed up hair growth and take action to promote thick, […]

Natural Hair Growth and Hair Vitamins

Neli has thick, natural hair but lately she has noticed it thinning. No matter how many protective hairstyles you try, natural hair – especially if you’ve been braiding, heat-styling or relaxants for years – can experience hair loss. So Neli joined Viviscal’s Voice of the Solution to take a 6-month trial of Viviscal supplements for […]

Top 5 Hair Growth Myths Debunked

How does hair grow? For ages, we’ve heard the hair growth myths and homegrown remedies about a misunderstood but all-important body part: hair. Here, we debunk some of the most common misconceptions about hair growth and hair loss. It’s time to tell to the truth about hair and stop the spread of hair growth myths. […]