Thinning hair develops in some people as they grow older and others at earlier ages, but personal appearance, healthy hair and social confidence are always important. You need not be embarrassed by thinning hair because you can choose from several strategies to ameliorate hair loss and enhance your personal appearance. Some people employ multiple methods for dealing with thinning hair that include using volumizing shampoos, scheduling hair transplant or hair plug procedures, beginning DHT blocker therapies to regrow hair, using hairpieces, extensions and wigs, and styling hair in ways that disguise thin hair.


Personalized Solutions to Rejuvenate Your Life


Attractive hair styles for both men and women help to rejuvenate energy, inspire confidence and make people feel younger. You don’t need to live with thinning hair because new products and techniques offer custom solutions to hide thin areas, generate strong social impacts, and make other people think that you have full, thick hair.


  • Hair length is important because short hair looks fuller and accentuates certain facial features, a strategy which draws attention away from the hair.
  • Wigs, hair weaves, extensions and hairpieces give you many cosmetic options to change your look.
  • FDA-approved DHT blocker therapy rejuvenates hair.
  • Better shampoos and conditioners add volume to thin or fine hair.
  • Laser photo therapy and other surgical techniques prove useful for some people who have thinning hair.
  • Choosing the right hair style helps to disguise thin hair or focus attention away from the scalp.

Clever Styling Techniques Disguise Thinning Hair


Teasing hair adds volume and helps to cover thin spots by making it impossible to see the scalp. For men, buzz cuts hide thin hair, and the technique works especially well for people who have strong, masculine features. Figure-eight braids, French braids, buns and other styles make hair appear thicker but carefully controlled.

  1. Bobs and pixie cuts for women disguise thin hair but look perky and fresh.
  2. Adding height to the front of hair makes hair appear fuller.
  3. Shags and layer cuts add volume and depth to short hair styles.
  4. Eyeglasses, scarves and hair accessories can disguise thin hair but look completely natural.
  5. Dark hair shows balding spots on the scalp more clearly, so consider lightening your hair.
  6. Spray-on products can color the scalp and hide thinning hair.


Wigs, hairpieces, transplants, DHT blocker therapy and other cosmetic options help to improve your personal appearance, restore self-confidence, and generate social and business benefits. Choosing the right option for your personal situation depends on understanding the various steps you could take. Hair regrowth and treatment strategies, cosmetic techniques, surgery and certain styling techniques give you many choices when dealing with thinning hair.

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