Gina Rodriguez hairstylist on how to grow short hair

Growing your hair out from the edgy Instagram-favorite undercut? The chic undercut haircut was everywhere this summer. But the style’s signature long hair on top paired with a short underlayer cut close to the scalp, is a bear to grow out. Gina Rodriguez’s hairstylist Paul Norton, plus two more celeb stylists Riawna Capri and Clyde Haygood, share their secrets to survive the transition between super-short shorn to wavy bob, without the awkward lengths in between. These seven haircut secrets were originally revealed to

Nutrition for Your Locks

Pop a hair multi-vitamin for healthy locks. “Hair vitamins are pretty much the only way to get your hair to grow faster,” says Los Angeles hairstylist Riawna Capri, who’s worked with Kelly Clarkson and Demi Lovato. Stylists rave about Viviscal Professional hair growth supplement, which is the choice of in-the-know NYFW models and style-icon actresses.

Invest in Strength-Training

Gina Rodriguez’s hairstylist Paul Norton has Gina on topical hair strengthening treatments, which help reduce damage and split ends, so she can go longer between haircuts. “The best way to grow out an undercut starts with maintaining the health of the hair,” Norton says.

Commit to the Cut

Before leaping into a super-short undercut, Riawna Capri says to be sure you’re ready to manage the long growing-out process, which can take up to two years. “You need to ask yourself if you’re willing to deal with this before you cut,” she says, “because it’s such a pain in the ass to grow your hair back long again.”

Find Your In-Between Look

After you decide you’re over the short cut, there’s a long wait time until you’ll see length again. So choose a good transitional haircut that you will like for the coming months, or years. Demi Lovato’s hairstylist Clyde Haygood says, “That’s how Demi decided to do the bob. It was a good way to get the rest of her hair to catch up to the short sections.” (Find out how to re-create Lovato’s recent Allure cover hairstyle.)

You Can Always Go Faux… Sparingly

If you need to bridge the transition, there are always extensions to help. Just beware that over-using hair extensions can cause more breakage and damage to hair, making it even harder to grow out your cut. However, says Haygood, tape-in extensions can help. “There were times when Demi was in the in-between that we’d just use extensions to balance her hair out,” he says. “I love tape-ins because they’re easy, a girl can do them herself, and they’re removable.”

Color in the Lines

You may think that dyeing your hair will actually damage your hair more, making it even harder to achieve that ideal length. Not so, says Capri. “As long as you’re getting it done with a proper colorist and they’re using products like Olaplex, you’re not going to damage your hair at all,” she says. If you need proof, check out Rodriguez. After she got her undercut, she dyed her hair blonde, with no ill effects.

Microcuts for Big Results

Believe it or not, in the quest for length, scissors are not the enemy. “Short hair can get bushy as it grows,” says Norton, so I periodically dust the ends with microtrims. As it gets longer, I’ll remove some bulk by conservatively slicing with texturizing shears.” While the myth that haircuts actually cause hair growth belongs in the past, subtle re-shaping with scissors helps keep your grow-out neat and healthy-looking.

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