Get a step-by-step hair how to from New York Fashion Week lead stylist Ted Gibson. Viviscal went behind the scenes with the celebrity hairstylist at Carmen Marc Valvo‘s spring 2015 show to find out how he achieved the sleek, retro styles for the runway.


(Photos courtesy of Hal Horowitz/ Elevation Photos. All rights reserved.)


“Carmen continually chooses interesting segues when creating new collections,” Ted says of Carmen Marc Valvo’s show, “and his spring lineup does just that, reflected in the retro glamour vibe of the ’50s. I wanted the hairstyles to mimic that feel, creating something simple yet fun and easy for women to achieve at home. The story we are trying to tell is one that is magical and unexpected, a juxtaposition of the serious era of the ’50s.”


New York Fashion Week hair how to


1. To get the look, establish a deep side part and prep the hair with mousse at the base.


2. Blow-dry strands using a large round brush for boosted volume.


3. To create full waves, use a curling iron and, starting at the top of the section, set the first subsection toward the face and the next section away from the face, and so on, resulting in a soft and sexy S-shape wave that frames the face.


4. Let strands cool and gently brush out using a boar bristle brush.


5. Back-comb the underside of the hair for volume keeping the top smooth and gather into a rose-like chignon on the side nape of the neck. Top with finishing spray.


(Photos courtesy of Hal Horowitz/ Elevation Photos. All rights reserved.)


To promote nourished, healthy hair that looks stunning on the runway, Ted always recommends his clients take Viviscal  hair vitamin supplements. “I work with many models and celebrities who are always on the go,” Ted says, “traveling from New York to Milan to Los Angeles and back to New York. The stress of their travels not only lends to the damage of their strands but also depletes nutrients needed for healthy hair! That’s why I always recommend Viviscal, it’s remarkable for nourishing damaged hair and makes a big difference when styling my clients for runway shows like Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week and red carpet events.”


(Photos courtesy of Hal Horowitz/ Elevation Photos. All rights reserved.)

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