As women, we’re on a never-ending quest for silky, shiny hair. Because, like skin and nails, we associate shiny hair with health and youthfulness.


A healthy hair diet complete with vitamins and minerals is how to get silky hair naturally. Nourishing hair follicles with Botin, Vitamin C, Zinc, Iron and marine complex promotes healthy hair in harmony with your natural hair growth cycle.


But there are expert styling tricks to achieve smooth silky hair. Straight or flat-ironed hair is naturally shiny when the tiny scales on the outermost layer of hair, the cuticle, lie flat. If you have wavy, textured hair, you too can have soft and shiny hair. Here is how to make your hair shiny and silky, whatever your hair type.


How to Get Smooth Silky Hair


1. Don’t skip shampoo.
Contrary to what you’ve read, shampoo does not always strip hair of natural oils and moisture. In fact, if you choose the right shampoo for your unique hair texture, whether that’s color-treated, fine, wavy or curly, it will nourish hair and keep the scalp clean of sebum and debris. Try a gentle shampoo that is at least 99% naturally derived and exfoliates the scalp with botanical or fruit extracts, creating the ideal environment for healthy hair growth.


2. Do not fear the oil.
Though you may think adding oil will make hair greasy, modern hair oils contain advanced silicones and humectants that seal the hair cuticle from humidity. This keeps hair looking sleek and shiny all day without greasiness. Be sure to use the correct amount of oil based on your hair type. Women with fine hair will probably need only a pea-sized amount, while wavy girls with textured hair can get away with using more oils.


3. Keep it cool.
Washing or rinsing hair with very hot water can damage hair, breaking down the cuticle. Rinse shampoo out with very cold water. Minimize heat-styling to reduce hair damage. When blow-drying, blow-dry normally until hair is almost completely dry. Then finish off the blowout with a cool shot from your blow-dryer to reduce frizz and boost shine.


The search for how to get shiny hair naturally is all about the right combination of nutrients in your diet or in a clinically proven hair growth supplement for women. If you’re looking for how to make your hair silky from the outside with styling tricks, follow the 3 simple steps above. No matter your hair type, you can learn how to make hair soft and silky.

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