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The go-to beauty and lifestyle blog gives you the ultimate manual for how to grow out your lob (#overit) and get hair-so-big-its-full-of-secrets volume in “How to Grow Out Your Lob“.

The Coveteur‘s beauty gurus confess their lust for hair that’s sleek but still bouncy and super-shiny — every single day. With some Disney princess-level length and volume thrown in for good measure.

So to help us all achieve this ultimate goal, and with the inevitable upcoming events on our spring and summer social calendars — see: vacations, weddings and showers — they share the must-have essential steps to give you the ultimate hair length and volume.

How to Grow Out Your Lob: Vitamins

The first step in a get-thicker-hair undertaking is to strengthen from the inside out. This is where vitamins play a crucial part, and while eating p1roteins and leafy greens is a must, there are specific supplements available that will expedite the process. Putting our favorite hair stylists’ sage advice to use, I started taking Viviscal on the reg — which means one pill twice a day for at least three months. As someone with a really slow-to-grow kind of hair situation, I’ve definitely seen more growth than I normally would…

The take-away? If you want to boost your hair growth and get thicker hair for real, you’ve got to up your nutrition game. And since hair and nails are considered by the body to be non-essential parts, they are the first things to take a hit if your diet isn’t what it should be. But if you cannot look at one more piece of fish or add one more leaf of kale into your blender, turn to Viviscal Professional with the marine extracts, biotin, niacin, iron and zinc that help nourish struggling follicles. As editor Alicia Cesaro says above, when you’re looking for how to grow out hair, it does take time and patience. But if you commit to two Viviscals a day you could see results in as little as three months!

Too Hot to Handle: Hot Tools

It’s time to give you the bad news. You need to retire your blow-dryer. Seriously. Not only do high temps damage hair strands and cause breakage, which makes it even harder to reach those hair growth goals. But the air-drying method helps your growing-out lob maintain its natural texture, which is a game changer for girls with wavy or curly hair. Just follow your usual routine, air dry and then go in with a curling iron to add waves haphazardly to a few — and wrap the hair around the barrel instead of using the clip. Or go old-school by rolling air-dried hair in large hot rollers. Mist with hairspray, wait a few minutes, then take them out and brush. You’ll have voluminous, “Angel-esque” hair — and extra free time.

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