how-to hair rehab 

Spring is officially here. The time when a girl’s fancy turns from thoughts of wool hats to sun-bleached tresses. So that means it’s time to repair that dry, dull winter hair. Enter Vogue to the rescue. The beauty mag rounded up their favorite hair rehab miracle products to give CPR to your tresses – fast!

With garden parties, long weekend getaways, and seaside weddings on the horizon, suddenly your beachy highlights are looking less sunny and your gloss treatment anything but.

By now, you already know that the best thing you can do to truly get hair rehab is to step up your nutrition game by eating a healthy hair diet or — better yet — taking a complete, clinically proven hair growth supplement for women. The blend of marine extracts, Biotin, Vitamin C and Zinc in Viviscal Professional feeds your hair follicles what they need to grow thick and healthy-looking.


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