This article aims to bust the myths around how to stimulate hair growth. If you have arrived here, it is likely that you are asking what stimulates hair growth for a variety of reasons. You may be experiencing hair loss, or thinning, or might just be after a more voluminous bounce!


First up on the myth list is the topic of hair follicle regrowth. There are a plethora of articles out there on how to regrow hair follicles. You can swiftly discount these sources as a waste of time, because hair follicles cannot be regrown. Your hair follicles are the tubular structures in your skin, from which hair is grown. When you are born, you have the same number of hair follicles as you doTODAY. They are part of your skin, and it is impossible to grow more of them.


Once enlightened, you might ask yourself, if not possible to regrow, whether or not you can stimulate hair follicles as aFORM of hair stimulation to encourage growth. Strictly speaking, hair growth stimulation is not possible either. There is no magic topical cream, which when rubbed into your head will cause you to sprout a strawberry blondeHEDGE of natural hair. Perhaps a toupée, but we all know that there is nothing magical about those.


The truth is that the onlyEFFECTIVE method, of many suggested ways to stimulate hair growth, comes from within your body. Stimulating hair growth is only possible by making sure that your hair is healthy. Any product aimed at stimulating hair follicles is missing the point that inORDER to understand how to stimulate hair follicles, you must understand dietary nutrition.


Maintaining healthy hair is all about ensuring that your body is able to provide the hair growth cycle with the nutrients it needs to create the best natural environment for growth. The best way to stimulate hair growth is toSUPPLY ample vitamins, minerals, proteins and more, so that your hair follicles have the fuel they need to lengthen the hair growth cycle.


Making sure that your diet covers all of these essentials can be time consuming, and often requires plenty of forethought and planning for mealtimes. Many people struggle with this due to time constraints, but thankfully products like Viviscal Extra Strength for women and Viviscal Man provide an easy way toSUPPLEMENT your diet. Choosing one of these drugFREE supplements can certainly save you the time and effort of changing your existing diet. This could provide a simple answer to the question of how to encourage hair growth, or cast some light upon the shadowy subject of how to stimulate hair follicles.


Another common response when asked how do you stimulate hair growth is the topic of scalp stimulation for hair growth through improved blood circulation. There is some real science behind this approach. You hair folliclesRECEIVE the aforementioned nutrients from a tight network of capillaries, which cover your entire scalp. Massaging your scalp can help to increase bloodFLOW through these tiny blood vessels, and therefore encourage the supply of vital nutrients. When considering what can stimulate hair growth, the effectiveness of this method is perhaps not significant alone. However, when combined with a nutritional supplement there certainly is potential for improved results.


Overall, when considering how to stimulate hair growth, it is important to focus upon your own body’s health, and stressing nutrition rather than searching for overnight “wonder cures”. Don’t believe that any product is able to increase theAMOUNT of hair follicles on your head, and instead, give yourself that extra head massage to ensure that those wonderful nutrients reach your hair follicles in abundance.

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