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Insta-famous rocker-chic It Girl Staz Lindes spills the secrets of her long, healthy model-rocker hair, flawless makeup, and amazing skincare to

Author Eviana Hartman delivers the hair, skincare and makeup secrets of the latest to-die-for model-fashionista, Staz Lindes, in her article, “It Girl Staz Lindes on Her Rock ’n’ Roll Hair, Her Beauty Muses, and Those Famous Lips.”

“If Staz Lindes’s look reads ‘rock star’ as much as ‘model,’” writes Hartman, “that’s because she’s both.” The “lavish-lipped, rumpled-haired” Angeleno (given name: Nastassia) was famously discovered by photographer Hedi Slimane while playing bass and singing in her garage-rock band, the Paranoyds, and went on to become an ambassador for his iconic glam-grunge look, walking Saint Laurent runways and headlining the brand’s infamous recent Hollywood Palladium after-party.

The prospect of packing a beauty bag for several weeks in a crowded van might intimidate even the most minimalist hair- and skincare-muse, but Lindes is taking the challenge in stride. “I’ll probably just bring a big jar of coconut oil for everything,” she says.

When it comes to her bleached, fringed shag, Lindes takes a similarly low-key approach. As it turns out, the secret to this widely imitated, “I-woke-up-like-this” model-rocker hair is, in fact, to wake up like that. “I barely wash it anymore,” Lindes says. In lieu of shampoo, she rinses every few days with apple cider vinegar, followed by Earth Science Olive & Avocado Deep Conditioning Hair Masque to soften strands (“I kind of just chuck it on for five minutes”). She relies on growth-enhancing vitamins to maintain length while lightening: “I try to take Viviscal Professional and biotin…” she adds. “They help a lot.”

Moisture is key for Lindes’s skin, who says it “tends to dry pretty easily.” She relies on jojoba oil to remove makeup, and layers moisturizers, lately from a Los Angeles spa called Peace of Mind Wellness, where she recently got her first-ever facial.

Of course, Lindes was also blessed with a killer set of features. Her plump pout has long been a subject of fascination (and envy), though she claims she wasn’t aware of her looks until she was 18. “People have compared me to Angelina Jolie a lot, even when I was a kid, but I just didn’t know or understand what that meant,” she says. “I remember getting teased by a group of cheerleaders one day about my lips.”

Those cheerleaders likely are now among the 64,000 people following Lindes’s Instagram for clues on how to achieve her onstage makeup look—which is becoming more and more elaborate. Her one makeup go-to is a thick coating of YSL Volume Effet Faux Cils Baby Doll mascara or a bold lip color from either YSL (“all the liquid lipsticks they do are pretty rad”) or various rockabilly shops she hits up during her travels. “For a while I was either keeping it natural or doing a little cat-eye,” she says, “but the past three shows, I’ve done kind of an airbrush look where I’ll do full, to-the-brow colors—pink, green, orange, purple. I like when I look like a tomboy, but I guess I’m starting to experiment with what character I want to become.”

This burgeoning character is inspired by a list of performers that is a testament to how untouchably cool Lindes is. There’s punk pioneer Exene Cervenka of X—“she’ll wear lipstick or super-sloppy eyeliner”—and Debbie Harry, “of course.” The over-the-top eyeshadow techniques of late gender-fluid John Waters star Divine have influenced Lindes’s own, as have those of Siouxsie Sioux: “The makeup I’ve been doing is kind of similar to her; some of the pictures from her back in the day are pretty incredible.”

See the slideshow of Staz Lindes’s rocker-chic beauty muses here.

(Photos, from left: Gianni Pucci/; Staz Lindes/ @yostazyo; STAAAAZ/ @yostazyo)

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