Neli has thick, natural hair but lately she has noticed it thinning. No matter how many protective hairstyles you try, natural hair – especially if you’ve been braiding, heat-styling or relaxants for years – can experience hair loss. So Neli joined Viviscal’s Voice of the Solution to take a 6-month trial of Viviscal supplements for hair growth. Here, she explains why she decided to try a vitamin for hair growth:


Viviscal: When your hair looks good, how do you feel? Does it impact your confidence?


Neli: It makes me feel very confident and ready to go out and be social.


Viviscal: If you are experiencing excessive hair shedding, how foes that affect you?


Neli: It has caused some frustration periodically. I also have (overall, unsuccessfully) tried different products to condition my scalp in the hopes of increasing hair strength and hair growth.


Viviscal: Has anyone commented on your hair? How did that make you feel?


Neli: My family has commented on the breakage in the past. They pointed out that my hair was unhealthy. Such comments made me feel like I was doing something wrong. It made me feel like my hair loss was due to poor upkeep – like I was causing the thinning and breakage.


Viviscal: Think back to a time when you loved your hair. Describe what you liked about it.


Neli: Before I texturized my hair (I must have been 23 or so) I primarily liked how thick and full it was.


Viviscal: Why did you decide to join the Voice of the Solution campaign to take Viviscal vitamins for hair loss?


Neli: I was asked to participate by a friend, and I am honestly just hoping that my hair gets thicker.

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