Like many new moms, Vanessa noticed lots of post-pregnancy hair loss. That’s why she wanted to try Viviscal hair growth supplements for 6 months in Viviscal’s Voice of the Solution campaign. Here is why she ultimately chose to take Viviscal vitamins for hair growth to help her post-pregnancy hair loss:



Viviscal: When your hair looks or feels good, how does that make you feel?


Vanessa: When it looks great, I’m very happy. I definitely feel more confident.


Viviscal: How does your thinning and shedding hair make you feel?


Vanessa:  I don’t feel confident and feel self-conscious.


Viviscal: Has anyone commented on the condition of your hair? What did they say?


Vanessa: My hairdresser noticed when it was thinning and told me.


Viviscal: Think back to a time in your life when you most liked your hair. Describe what you liked about it.


Vanessa:  I liked when my hair was full and blown out.


Viviscal: What results do you want to see after six months on Viviscal?


Vanessa:  I want to get fuller, thicker hair.

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