How does hair grow? For ages, we’ve heard the hair growth myths and homegrown remedies about a misunderstood but all-important body part: hair. Here, we debunk some of the most common misconceptions about hair growth and hair loss. It’s time to tell to the truth about hair and stop the spread of hair growth myths.


Hair Growth Myths


1. Myth: Shampooing hair every day will make it fall out
Fact: As your hair thins, you might think that frequent shampooing is the cause. After all, when you scrub your scalp, a lot of strands end up in the shower drain. This might lead you to think you should shampoo less often to slow hair loss. In fact, if you don’t shampoo enough, those strands in your shower will simply build up on your head, accumulating oil and grime. Shampoo as often as you need to to maintain clean hair and a gently exfoliated scalp. This will help maintain the best possible environment to promote healthy hair growth. To maintain a healthy hair, wash your hair with a gentle hair shampoo.


2. Myth: Only men suffer from hair loss
Fact: This is one of the most pernicious hair growth myths. Many people think of going bald as primarily a man’s problem. As a woman, if we see our hair thinning, we assume it is unusual or even frightening. In fact, it is estimated that nearly half of all women will experience hair loss at some time in their lives. There are a number of possible causes of women’s hair loss or thinning hair, including hormonal changes, everyday stress, menopause, post-pregnancy and overstyling.


3. Myth: Hereditary hair loss comes from your mother’s side
Fact: The old wives’ tale that you inherit baldness from the maternal side of your family is simply untrue. For many men, their hair loss or male pattern baldness may not be inherited at all, but caused by vitamin deficiencies. But for those men with genetic male pattern baldness, it is a gene inherited from either your mom or your dad. This is one issue you cannot blame mom for!


4. Myth: Don’t pluck a grey hair or two will grow in its place
Fact: This is one of the hair growth myths that has absolutely no basis in reality. Your unique hair color is determined by the melanin (the dark pigment in our skin and hair) in each hair follicle. As we age, our hair naturally loses melanin, and it becomes white or grey. Plucking one strand of grey in no way affects the hair’s color or the coloring of the hairs around it. However, do try to avoid plucking scalp hair in general as that may cause scarring or other trauma on the scalp and even, in extreme causes, that scarring could prevent the follicle from regrowing hair.


5. Myth: Frequent haircuts make your hair grow faster
Fact: Although, regular trims and good hair maintenance will not speed up hair growth, it will help hair appear thicker and fuller. Removing dead or split ends helps to keep hair looking healthy looking, reducing the look of damage and minimizing flyaways. In fact, what promotes hair growth is a good balance of vitamins, minerals and proteins in your diet, or in a hair growth vitamin supplement, to nourish hair follicles from within.

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