Sharon reached her weight loss goals and was thrilled, but then she began to see hair shedding.  As part of Viviscal’s Voice of the Solution, she started a 6-month trial of Viviscal hair vitamins. Below, read why she said she applied to try Viviscal hair growth supplements:


I am writing to you as I would love to join the Voice of the Solution campaign.  I am a 42-year-old mother of 3 who is at the end of my ropes with thinning hair. I would be an excellent candidate, as I have been experiencing thinning hair for the last 6-12 months.  I am very self-conscious and desperate for help.


I have tried so many different products and supplements that it is starting to look hopeless.  I have always had a tremendous amount of fine hair, so it always appeared thick to others.  Until recently, I have always worn my hair long and it was beautiful that way!  As of the beginning of the New Year, I finally gave in and cut it into an inverted bob, as I felt it was the only way for it to look healthier and thicker.


I keep waiting for the shedding to stop on its own and have seen my primary care doctor, 2 dermatologists and a functional medicine doctor, only for them to keep coming back with no answers and dead ends.  It is beginning to take a toll on me and I would be eternally grateful for a chance to finally get this under control.  I don’t feel very attractive anymore and our budget can no longer sustain all these trial and error products that get me nowhere.  I would absolutely love it if I could catch a break for once and be selected to try Viviscal’s hair growth vitamins.


I am usually the person who is helping and doing for everyone, but for once in my life I am reaching out for help!!

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